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Post-Covid Online Presence Review


With the current climate being as difficult as it is, we’re all seeing the shift from traditional bricks and mortar businesses to online & eCommerce. 

Reports state that ‘In the lead up to Christmas, 58% of UK consumers say they’re shopping more online than they did before Covid-19 (Article)’. When you think of the drastic impact this could have on most businesses it’s worth sitting up and taking note.

If anything, all of us should be taking a look at our Online Presence to see if there’s anything we can improve, whether that be making a ‘Call to action’ button more prominent so it’s not missed or ensuring Google and the other Search Engines have everything they need to rank us relatively and honestly.

In simple terms ’‘Remember your four online pillars to success” 

Ben of SmartClick:

Online Pillars

  1. Traffic

Traffic could quite possibly be the most underrated of the pillars, we expect the search engines to do their job on our behalf. What I tend to see quite a lot is a site is built, then set live and just left – this is a massive missed opportunity. 

Imagine that traffic in a bricks and mortar business is footfall and passers by. Most business’s position themselves to maximise the footfall, therefore generally encountering higher rent costs.”

This is a fantastic way to think about your online presence, by not thinking about traffic you’re almost putting your online business in the middle of a field with no signs or directions to find you.

This isn’t to say that all traffic channels have to cost you money, there are multiple directions you can go down to push more traffic into your website with very little monetary costs.

PPC, Social Media, Blogging/Vlogging, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (seek advice before you start playing with this), all of which can be done for next to nothing if you know what you’re doing. 

If you’re not doing this already, think about which channels would work best for your business and give them a go! Usually it takes on average 3 or so months for these things to ‘bed in’ but it’s worth giving them a trial.

  1. Conversion

Conversion is basically taking the traffic from the previous pillar and actually getting them to act an action whether that be book, buy, enquire etc.

This is in essence covered by several sub-topics:

  1. Website’s design: pushing people into a call to action.
  2. The websites content: is it enticing and trustworthy?
  3. Your method of completing a Goal: whether that is buying something, booking, enquiring this is the tool that helps you do this and it needs to be robust, easy to use/navigate and most importantly easy to buy or book.


  1. Learning

Learning is basically reviewing statistics on a regular basis, generally speaking you don’t need to be reviewing this daily but you can easily have reports built up and emailed to you once a month showing you the top level data. This is going to feed information into all the other pillars and allow you to make decisions rationally. Instead of ‘it feels like I’m getting less traffic’ for example this will physically show you, these days with goals and revenue data being shown you can see quite quickly if sales are dropping and you need to invest more into your traffic pillar for example. 

  1. Maintenance 

This is a topic that stretches over all the other pillars, it’s something that needs time assigned to it every month.

Laxing your maintenance time can have a drastic effect on your online presence, Without this, countless problems with the site can arise such as:

  1. Spam
  2. Hacked site
  3. Site Speeds and loading times
  4. Reacting to anything that’s not quite right
  5. Broken links, broken forms, broken pages